6 Tips for Efficient Clothes Ironing


Not all clothes are made of the same materials. That means that you need to apply different methods and techniques of ironing depending on the material. If you wish to find out how to iron all your different types of clothes efficiently follow these guidelines.

Ironing a Blouse

Clothes pieces like blouses should be ironed in sections. First, do the sleeves, cuffs and collar. When you are done with these smaller sections, continue ironing the larger areas, i.e. the back and the front. If the blouse you are ironing has additional tiny details such as pleats or ruffles, leave those for the end and slowly and carefully iron around them. When dealing with the smallest sections use the very tip of the iron for best results call of cthulhu forum.

Dealing with Zippers and Buttons

Most zippers are made of some kind of metal, but there are plastic ones too. If you go over them with the iron you are going to melt them almost instantly and ruin the area around them. On the other hand, most buttons are plastic and they will react the same when ironed. That being said, you should always avoid ironing over zippers and buttons.

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